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With Insight 2 IMPACT, your technology portfolio propels your business further and faster.


Insight 2 IMPACT offers a breadth of service to match your portfolio.  Key capabilities include enterprise architecture, eCommerce, digital marketing, supply chain, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), portals, integration, data and analytics.


Insight 2 IMPACT delivers value through projects - small to large, and tactical to strategic.  We stick with you until you see positive impact to your business.  Explore the type of projects we have delivered for our clients.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Microsoft Power BI

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Insight 2 IMPACT is a trusted partner to some of North America's leading companies - especially in the e-commerce and retail industries. 



Insight 2 IMPACT helps small and medium-sized businesses manage the evolution of their enterprise technology portfolios so they can focus on their core competencies of marketing, merchandising, sourcing and operations. 


Imagine if you could take a high-performing technology function from a leading company and “share” its tools and teams?   What if you could also supplement it effectively with in-house staffers who are dedicated to your success, but are empowered and supported by a pool or experienced professionals?  Insight 2 IMPACT brings you this broad and cohesive technology capability that focuses on a portfolio of Tier 1 systems, and also includes the people and processes to ensure those systems evolve with the needs of your business.  Your technology should be reliable, flexible, scalable, integrated, current, and well-utilized.

We bring you a team that would be challenging to afford in-house full-time.  Unlike typical project-based consultants who are episodic in their engagement, we take ownership in your success on a long-term basis, so we feel like an extension of your own team.


We have been operators: we have faced the same build/buy decisions and hire/outsource decisions that you are or will be making.  We help manage that complexity for you transparently. You get greater functionality and lower costs without the the headaches of managing the complexity yourself.

Our team are veterans of the e-commerce and business application space.  We have decades of combined experience helping companies grow their online presence and operate more efficiently using the latest technology.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you succeed!



16th Floor - 595 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC  V7X 1L3  Tel: 778-882-8255

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