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Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that allows your business to run all or part of its computing operations virtually. This includes analytics, computing, storage, networking, integration, databases, and much more. Typically, you will only pay for cloud capacity that you consume, helping you lower your operating costs, reduce your time maintaining infrastructure, and easily scale as your business grows.

Here are some reasons to move to the cloud:



Eliminate the upfront cost of buying hardware and setting up data centres. Pay for only the computing resources that you consume.


Microsoft's network of worldwide data centres are regularly updated to the latest hardware. Deliver content to the user from the closest geographic data centre.



No need to worry about infrastructure uptime. Easily manage disaster recovery and business continuity by replicating across different zones and regions on the Azure network.


Use out-of-the-box technologies and and controls to protect your apps, data, and infrastructure from unwanted intrusions.



Dynamically adjust to the right amount of computing resources as they are needed.

Case Study

Learn about how Insight 2 IMPACT used Azure serverless technologies to help Food-X integrate with the world's largest retailer.


Walmart Canada partnered with Food-X to provide online grocery fulfillment services in Metro Vancouver.  Read more.

Contact Insight 2 IMPACT today for a free consultation about how we can help you with your cloud migration.

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